6 Tips for Modern Power Dressing

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher in Power Suit

The term Power Dressing arose in the United Sates in the 2nd half of 1970s and relates to a conservative fashion style intended to show a woman holding an important position in business, politic and etc. The images that comes to mind would be tailored jacket suits in conservative colours with padded shoulders. The look is usually matched with feminine accessories in classic style. Power Dressing took off in a big way in 1980s, it’s a look that dated really easily. Margaret Thatcher was the perfect idol back then.

Thankfully, times have changed but women still need to gain authority and respect they deserved. Power dressing in the modern world has taken a new meaning, the main idea is to wear clothes that look powerful, professional, feminine and stylish at the same time.


Want that Power Look? Here are some tips:


Power dress3

Wear a well fitted strong color blazer for a sharp image.

A well fitted blazer is the easiest way to exude modern power dressing and will instantly smarten up your outfit even if you are wearing a plain blouse and skinny jeans. For a professional look, team it with sheath dress or cigarette pants. Women are spoilt for choices because nowadays blazers come in various shades and cut, so just invest in a few good quality pieces that suit your body shape, personality and office environment.

Fit! Fit! Fit!

Power dress17

Power Dressing has no room for ill-fitting clothes.

If you have attended my consultation or talk, you would have heard me emphasized the importance of fit umpteen times, not only does this applies to power dressing but to any item of the clothing you have. If you have a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit, make sure you tailor it for that perfect fit.

Play with Colors & Fabric

Power dress

Match silk or chiffon blouse with pencil skirt.

Power dress9

Wear feminine color blazer with sharp shoulders and geometric hemline to prevent it from looking girlish.

What are the Powerful Colors in business? Black and red scream power and authority but you can’t be wearing these 2 colors every day. Experiment with different colors or even prints as long as it’s a much tailored silhouette. For example, a pink blazer with sharp shoulders and geometric hemline will prevent it from looking too girlish. Match it with black sheath dress or pants will give you a professional yet feminine image. A strong dose of colors will evolve powerful vibes.

You can add some variety into your power dressing wardrobe by wearing silk or chiffon blouse and match it with pencil skirt or cigarette pants.

Strategic Jewellery & Accessories

Power dress11

Choose accessories of bolder design but keep it appropriate for your industry.

Adding jewellery and accessories set us apart from men when it comes to power dressing, so take advantage of it. Keep your jewellery classy and elegant but opt for bolder designs that is not overpowering for an office look.

Your bag speaks volume for you. A medium size leather bag with a bold look is definitely a plus to complete your modern power look.

A pair of nice heels gives you the extra oomph to power up your corporate image. It imparts an air of power, authority, confident and can buy a lot of attention. Choose heels that are of medium height, comfortable and pointed toe.

Be Groomed

Power dress16

Bun hairstyle is chic and neat for that power look.

Power dress15

Ponytail with pompadour bangs.

I can’t stress how important this is – there’s just no excuse! Pay attention to your personal hygiene. Hair should be neat & styled, manicured nails in neutral or clear polish, wax your upper lip and eyebrow groomed. Wear light make-up.


Power dress18

Let your personality shines with your signature look.

Modern Power dressing is all about the right attitude, as well as the right clothes. People not only differ in their looks but in their personality as well, therefore, design your signature power look according to your personality. Own your outfit and your looks, wear them with confidence. Confidence is the best accessory that a woman can ever wear. Stand tall and smile.

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