Men’s 10 Unforgivable Style Sins

He wore what?

That’s probably what many asked after seeing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie/jeans combo at his big IPO meeting on Wall Street. Inappropriate dressing? That’s for sure!

Let’s accept it, not all men have good taste in clothes. Between work and everything else, men often don’t have time to browse lifestyle magazine to check what’s hot and what’s not for the season.

Even the most stylist man on earth have occasional faux pas. But there are some fashion disasters men should avoid at all cost.

Here are some mistakes bad enough to send the fashion police knocking on your door.

Sin #1 – Bad Fit

Bad fit

The number 1 sin of menswear is choosing poorly-fitted garment. Most men in Singapore buy suits and shirts that are between one and two size too large for them. What could be worst than watching one walk around in their great-grandfather’s suit?

In recent years, the Generation Y tried to squeeze into shirt that belongs to their younger brother. No one should forget that an unflattering fit is bad enough to ruin the look of the most prized suit and shirt.

A well-fitted suit or shirt is the centrepiece of a well-dressed man’s appearance, and other efforts will be wasted without it

Sin #2 – A Short-Sleeved Shirt and a Tie

Man in short sleeve shirt and tie.

Man in short- sleeved shirt and tie.

Never ever wear them. You wear them only if you are working at the fast-food joint. Sleeves are kept short because they get dirty when fixing sandwiches. To look professional and smart, wear long-sleeved shirts if you want to pair with ties.

 Sin #3 –Popped Collars

Man wearing popped collars.

Man wearing popped collars.

Popped collars don’t make you look cool anymore! It doesn’t have any place in style. Extra neck protection? Neck cold? It’s called a scarf.

Sins #4 – Mismatched Shoes and Belts

Matching shoes and belts.

Matching shoes and belts.

A common faux pas, men often forget the colour rule for shoes and belts. Some men don’t even know this cardinal rule of dressing.

Always match the colour and leather texture of your shoes and belts. If you wear black shoes, go with black belt, brown shoes with brown belt. It is fine if the quality of the leather differs, but black belt with brown shoes are a big no-no.

Sin #5 – White Socks with Black Shoes / Black Dress Socks with Running Shoes

White socks with black shoes.

White socks with black shoes.

Wearing white socks with black shoes is a scandalous death sentence. Always wear black socks with black shoes. It lends a touch of class to your overall look.

Black socks with running shoes.

Black socks with running shoes.

What about black dress socks with running shoes? Your black dress socks may already have 8 hours of wear but that does not give them the right to go running with you after work.

 Sins #6 – Flip-Flops with Jeans

Flip-Flops with jeans.

Flip-Flops with jeans.

These are national footwear of Singaporean men. They are hideous when matched with jeans but an offense too many guys make regardless. Your best bet? Stick to wearing flip-flops/slippers near the pool and beach.

 Sin #7 – Slide Sandals


Slide sandals

This grandpa’s go-to-footwear for hoofing it around the supermarket should be retired. For casual, go for driving moccasin, boat shoe or the Spanish espadrilles

Sin #8 – Geek Wear

Geek look

Geek look

Do not wear it unless you are below 13 years old or trying to impress your geek girl. You won’t impress anyone with geek wear, the likes of which include t-shirts with quirky images, rectangular horn-rimmed glasses, fragged hoodies, socks with sandals and wearing earphones or headset constantly.

Sins #9 – The Deep V

Men in deep-v necks

Men in deep-v necks

Deep V-necks are your girlfriend’s belongings only! We are not sure who gave the green light for man cleavage, but save it for urban thugs and super heroes. It’s time to toss the deep V for more masculine tees – like the V-necks, scoop necks and crew necks.

Sin #10 – Wearing Electronics on your Belt

HP on belt

Strapping electronics to your belt draws attention to your middle making you look wider and shorter. Your waistline will probably be the first thing others notice about you – particularly if you have a beer belly.

Try wearing blazers with sufficient interior pockets or clutch bag to store your devices.

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