Personal Consultation


A person’s overall appearance is governed by the colours worn on the face and in clothing; the line and style of the clothing; and the personality expressed through these and through accessories. Immaculate grooming, quality in clothing and accessories and attention to details are also vital.

During the 1 to 1 consultation, we will help you determine these three characteristics so that you can enjoy the benefits of that knowledge for the rest of your life.

The session (2-3hr) will include:

Colour Analysis

Colour is one of the most effective ways to say to the world, “Hey, look at me!” Each person has a unique combination of skin, hair, and eye colour that make up their personal colour palette. Building your wardrobe around these colours will literally make you more visible.

We will help you determine your best colours, learn how to mix & match colours and advise you on how to plan your message with colours.

Line & Style Analysis

Based on your body structure, we will determine the most flattering clothing that shapes your particular body shape and proportions. Your body shape, scale and proportion will identify which style you choose as your accessories, hairstyle, spectacles and other ‘finishing touches’.

Wardrobe Personality

Our choice of clothes is influenced by our physical characteristics, bone structure, colouring and lifestyle. Our personal style is determined by our inner personality.

We will help you understand clearly your personality, help you develop a style of your own.

Make-up (Ladies)

The effective use of make-up is a very important part of a woman’s image and can have a profound effect on a woman’s appearance and confidence levels.

This hands-on make-up session will include basic make-up application and providing  you with the basic knowledge on how to choose the correct make-up colour for your skin tone.