Dating Image Consultation

My name is Jorine Sim, a qualified Image & Etiquette Consultant and Personal Branding Coach certified by First Impressions, UK and First Impressions International.  I specializes in 1 to 1 Dating Image Coaching and I draw my experience as an Image & Etiquette Consultation in the dating industry meeting clients on a 1 to 1 basis as well as conducting workshops in the Southeast Asia.

One of the most gratifying aspects of practicing as an Image & Etiquette Consultant is helping people reach their full potential. I have been through a personal journey of my own, therefore, I really understand how empowering a transformation can be.

In the world of dating and relationship, image is everything. Your appearance is very important and plays a key role when it comes to new relationships and first dates. The first date can make or break is crucial to ensure a lasting first impression. So take control of that first impression.

During the 1 to 1 consultation, I will help you with:

Colour Analysis – Determine your best colours, learn how to mix & match colours and advise you on how to plan your message with colours.

Line & Style Analysis – Determine the most flattering clothing shapes for your particular body shape and proportions. Your body shape, scale and proportion will identify which style you choose as your accessories, hairstyle, spectacles and other ‘finishing touches’.

Wardrobe Personality – Our choice of clothes is influenced by a physical characteristics, bone structure, colouring and lifestyle. Our personal style is determined by our inner personality. I will help you understand clearly your personality, help you develop a style of your own.

datingMake-up (Ladies) – This hands-on make-up session will include basic make-up application and providing you with the basic knowledge on how to choose the correct make-up colour for your skin tone.

Dating Etiquette – To give a favourable impression of yourself before, during and after the date, I will give you tips on appropriate dating etiquette to win over your affection and bring out the best in your date. Learn the art of conversation and asking the right questions.

Online Dating Profile Assessment – A picture is worth a 1,000 words! You can attract a more attractive man/woman with a better photo. I will review your online profile and advise you if the visual message that your profile is sending is appropriate.

Body Language Assessment – Body Language is the silent language of dating, it affects your confidence and shapes who you are. I will assess your body language and advice on how to improve. You will learn deportment (proper way of walk, sitting and crossing of legs) during the session.

By engaging my service, I guarantee confidentiality, passion, patience, and nothing but your best interests in mind. However, I do require clients to attend the consultation with an open-mind, a willingness to push outside their comfort zone to achieve best results.

Duration: 3hrs (Male) / 3.5hrs (Female)

Price: $350 (Male) / $399 (Female)

Ready for transformation? Let’s get started.