Personal Shopping


Wardrobe Audit

Most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe and overflowing closet of “nothing to wear” items with price tags still attached or not knowing know what goes with what.

Together, we will sort out each garment and determine whether to keep, repair or give away. What’s left will be put together as an outfit with the right accessories and shoes to fit your personal style. Now, we are ready to fill in the gaps in your closet. A compile list of what’s to be added to your closet. It’s shopping time!

Personal Shopping

Our Personal Shopping experience begins with an interview to determine your needs and budget. A Figure & Colour Analysis is recommended to ensure that we pick outfits of the correct colours so as to best accentuate your feature and flatters your body shape.

We will then take you on a shopping expedition to fashion retailors in shopping mall to pick out outfits that you like, what you can wear and what will make you look and feel fantastic. No matter how great the outfit, it will look incomplete without the necessary accessories. We will help you complete your look by recommending a belt, bag, scarf or jewellery that suits the outfit, your personal style, body and face shape.