What is the difference between an Image Consultant & a Fashion Stylist?

Ever since I started my career as an Image Consultant, I’m often asked this question. To many people, they are confused because of the “commercial” term being used in the media. The media focus on Fashion Stylists because we have read so much about celebrities being styled by well-known Stylist for events or some fashion brands providing the service of a Stylist to help you with shopping. How can we blame them?

So, is there a difference? YES, let me clarify this once and for all.


Performing a color analysis on a client. To look your best, the colours you wear must harmonise with your own natural colourings.


An Image Consultant specializes in visual appearance, verbal and non-verbal communication. We work on a more personal level with our clients to discover who they are and create an image and wardrobe which express the best of their personality. Not only do we advise on their best colours, best dresses/shirts, shoes, accessories, glasses and hairstyle appropriate for their body and face shapes, job and lifestyle but also the right body language, behaviour, manners and etiquette in different situation. We offer solutions to help our clients shine from inside out.






Fashion Stylist getting his client ready for a photo shoot.


A Fashion Stylist works on creating an image for a particular event, marketing campaign, photo shoots, fashion shows or fashion spreads. They take what’s new and make it eye-catching and attractive to their target audience. Fashion stylist often work with photographers, directors, fashion designers, make-up artist to achieve a pre-decided look. Therefore, it’s not about creating everyday looks.

I agree that image and fashion styling can be cross functional when integrated to a certain degree will give anyone a competitive advantage provided you are professionally trained in both areas. But Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist are different.

We can be cousins but we are not twins.


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